• Hindu Astrology Lesson XI                                

    Kipling's " The East and West shall never meet " was countered by Russell " The supremacy of the East was not only military. Science, Philosophy and the arts all shone in the Eastern world when the West was sunk in barbarism". The Occident's excellence is in marketing; marketing is its second language! And because
    of its expertise, the West dominates the fields of Business & Industry.

    The Orient is skilled in Philosophy & the psychic sciences. Its second language is spirituality! Our aim is the union of East &
    West, both experts in their methodologies; the vertical and the horizontal means of acquiring knowledge!

    The role of Sun in Horoscopy

    As the King of the Solar Logos, Sun is an important luminary capable of conferring great political power. A horoscope is considered powerful only if the luminaries, Sol and Luna, are powerful. The Sun is considered as a natural malefic in Vedic Astrology.

    Solar Effects in the 12 Houses

    Sun in the Ascendant

    Sun in the Ascendant makes anger-prone and lazy. Will be
    valorous and will have less hair. Will be cruel and will have
    a high opinion about himself. Wont have patience and mercy.

    If Aries is rising, Sun in the Ascendant, will make the
    native highly educated, wealthy, versatile and famous. If Cancer
    is rising, will suffer from eye troubles. If Libra, will suffer from
    sorrow, poverty & loss of progeny.

    Sun in the Second House

    Will have less wealth. Less education also. But will be liberal
    minded. Will love his enemies. Face may be afflicted. Will be
    taxed by the Government. All malefic planets in the second are
    adverse for wealth.

    Sun in the Third House

    Will have high standard of comeliness. Will have a sacrificial
    nature. Will be the vanquisher of enemies in the battlefield.
    Will be valorous and strong. This position of Sol is adverse
    for good relation with younger co-borns.

    Sun in the Fourth House

    Heart may be afflicted. Will be devoid of happiness, landed
    properties, relatives and conveyances. Will be interested in
    the opposited sex. Will have many houses. Will harm paternal
    wealth. Will never have mental peace & contentment.

    Sun in the Fifth House

    Will be highly intelligent, and will be loved by the Government.
    Will be devoid of sons, comforts & wealth. Will love forests &
    try to live in such surroundings. This position is adverse for
    relationship with sons.

    Sun in the Sixth House

    Will have prosperity and along with prosperity, enemies.
    Will be virtuous, Will be famous, Will have good digestive power.
    Will be victorious but will have to face enemy trouble. Will be
    a commander and will be skilled in combat. Will be a lord with a
    lot of subordinates. Digestive tract disorders indicated.

    Sun in the Seventh House

    Will be tormented by the Government. Will have to face defeat.
    Will be devoid of marital happiness. Will have to face humiliation.
    May be insulted by women. Body may be tormented by illhealth.
    Will be travelling a lot.

    Sun in the Eighth House

    Will be devoid of relatives and wealth. Will be melancholic &
    sorrowful. Will be quarrelsome and will be fastidious. Will have
    to face defeat in many situations.

    Sun in the Ninth House

    Will have wealth, relatives and sons. Will have reverence for the
    preceptors and devotion to spiritual people. May harm the father.
    Will be devoid of Dharma. Will be a misogynist.

    Sun in the Tenth House

    Will be highly educated & will have paternal wealth. Will be
    highly intelligent with a lot of conveyances. Will be hedonistic
    and strong. This dominance of Sun on the Meridien is capable
    of conferring regal status, knowledge and valour.

    Sun in the Eleventh House

    Will be wealthy with high education. Will have good longevity and
    a lot of good subordinates.Will have high professional skill. Will be
    strong and will be prosperous

    Sun in the Twelfth House

    Will have eye troubles and will be devoid of sons & wealth. Will be
    inimical to the father. Will be weak and may fall from profession.
    This adverse position of the Sun is not good from the perspective
    of profession as a fall is indicated.