• The advent of the New Age in the Dark Age ( Kali Yuga ) ushered in immense spirituality. With Jupiter's entry into Cancer, the world is undergoing a spiritual transformation.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the 12 Houses

    The 9th House is the most important house as it deals with fortune. It is said that a Wise One prayed that she should have fortunate children, andnot scholars or heroes. Fortune is an invisible goddess which no wealth can court. How can we define fortune ? It is said that a man needs health, wealth & wisdom. All these three in equilibrium is Fortune !

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Ascendant

    As the 9th lord is in the  Ascendant  the native will be a self made person. He/she will definitely get public honour and  acknowledgment be-
    cuse of his/her charming personality and  pleasing  manners. Acceptance& encouragement will  be given without any hesitation by seniors . Due to the dint of their hard  work  they will reach the top. They are endowed with personal magnetism & the good will gained by them from the public will be  enjoyed  by  posterity .

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Second House

    As the 9th lord is the 2nd, the native will be the son of a rich and influential man. They will inherit  paternal  property.  Their knowledge
    on subjects selected  by them is  accepted  generally.  If  they get proper opportunities and  encouragement they will become scholars
    in their specialised  fields.  They need variety and  lack of variety frustrates  them. They cannot  concentrate  on one subject for long.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Third House



    As the  9th  lord is in  the  3rd,  means of  the native's father  will be moderate. They may have to come up via writing. Fraternal happiness
    will be theirs. They will have pleasing  personalities and charming manners. As  the 9th lord is in the 7th from the 9th, their father
    will be a respectable  man in society. They become suspicious because of their over-analytical  nature. They are lovers of mysteries and try  to solve  them.


    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Fourth House

    As the 9th lord is in the 4th, the native will have  beautiful  houses & conveyances. They are deeply  attached to mother who is also a for-
    tunate individual. They may  inherit father's immovable properties. Their father may be quite hard hearted &  their childhood memories
    will revolve around that image. Disharmony may exist betwixt parents. They generate strong sex appeal and put the principle "Work is
    Worship " in action.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Fifth House

    As the 9th lord  is in the 5th, Destiny will give the native a famous & prosperous  father. As  the  9th  lord  is in the 9th from the 9th, father becomes fortunate and successful.  They will be renowned for their learning  and  will be of charitable disposition. Their character will be spotless. They will have  immense  courage which will
    serve them in the hour of crisis. They will be  prosperous and their domestic life will be satisfactory.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Sixth House

    As the 9th lord is in  6th, the native's father  may  have to face  health problems. Unless  proper  care is  exercised it may develop into a
    chronic  disease. Their revenge is always cruel and swift if they feel that they have been  cheated. Wealth will be gained as a
    result  of  successful  termination  of  father's legal  problems. Money as  compensation  comes to them automatically.  Their father
    may  have  to  face  litigation   and  other  problems. Since  the 9th lord is in the 10th  from  the 9th,  father  becomes successful

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Seventh House

    As the 9th lord is in  the 7th, luck is generally  after  marriage. Father goes abroad and prospers. They  also will find  their fortune in foreign lands. They will be blessed with a noble and lucky spouse They dont think of marriage as a  game  but  rather as  a sacramental function. An  understanding  partner  wont  worry about their fidelity. They love domestic life and  want to be  with members of their family. 11th from the 9th means fulfillment of fortune & all desires.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Eighth House

    As the 9th lord is in the  8th, the native may  have to  face  separation from their father. Problems  manifest  for  their elder brothers and sisters on account of them . Their fortunes  will be subject to dire vicissitudes. Their fiscal fortune do not remain constant. They are undoubtedly very  good salesmen. They deride  Religion and its
    institutions. As the 8th is 12th  from the 9th,  they may  have to  suffer reverses in luck and constant  bickerings in  married life are to be
    expected. Children may also pose problems.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Ninth House

    As  the 9th  lord is in the 9th the native will have  a  long-lived  & prosperous  father. They are respected in society and  known to be
    very lucky  enjoying  paternal  legacy. They will be extolled as exemplars and  their qualities  will be a source of  inspiration to others. Even  their relatives  gain immensely from their luck. Their
    father  plays a pivotal  role  in  their development and  progress. They will be intensely religious and  charitable.  They earn  largesse
    from  their foreign visits. They will have a cordially disposed spouse and good children.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Tenth House

    As the 9th lord is in the 10th, the native will become famous & powerful This is said to be a powerful RajaYoga, a combination for political
    power. They will be  blessed  with a  royal  status in  Govt or in defence. With their charming  personality they will endear themselves
    to all.  Wisdom  and  wit  will  be  reflected  in  marital  life. Sometimes they  are shy and timid& sometimes they are loquacious and  exhibit
    extrovert  qualities.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Eleventh House

    As the  9th  lord is in  the  11th  and  as this is a  Dhana  Yoga, the native will  be above want. They  will be  blessed  with  influential
    friends. Father is  also  renowned  and  well off. Their capability is enormous in the sense  they  will leave  their   footprints in the sands of time by way of great achievements.Wealth beyond the dreams of avarice they will have. They  are  masterminds when it comes to execution of any plan with  malice aforethought.

    The Effects of the 9th Lord in the Twelfth House

    As the 9th lord is in the  12th, luck does not come to the native . They may have to work very hard in life. Even  then  success do not come to them. Their  father may leave them penniless. 9th lord in the 12th does not indicate a rich background. They may be  faced  with  financial difficulties  due to festivals and celebrations. They have to exercise caution and follow the principles of economic prudence.