• Yogas are important combinations in Vedic Astrology. Yogas are formed by planets being angular and well posited. There are 5 main Great Yogas called Mahapurusha Yogas, effectuated by Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

    There are 5 main Yogas and there are other minor Yogas. In V A , there are 6 lakh Yogas.
    Angular and powerful Jupiter ( either exalted or in own house ) causes Hamsa Yoga.
    Angular and powerful Saturn ( either exalted or in own house ) causes Sasa  Yoga.
    Angular and powerful Mars ( either exalted or in own house ) causes Ruchaka Yoga.
    Angular and powerful Venus ( either exalted or in own house ) causes Malavya Yoga.
    Angular and powerful Mercury ( either exalted or in own house ) causes Bhadra Yoga.
    If the planet which causes the Yoga is debiliated in Navamsa, then that Yoga gets weakened. If the planet which causes the Yoga is combust, or helpless in a cuspal degree, that Yoga is nullified. Great care must be exercised while interpreting Yogas.


    When a debilitated planet attains cancellation of debilitation, he becomes positve and gives rise to Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. The clauses for N R Y are


    The dispositor of the debilitated planet must be angular, either to the Ascendant or to the Lunar Ascendant or the exaltation dispositor should be angular, either to the Asc or the Lunar Asc. ( Tad Rasi natha Tad api Uchanatha/ Sa Lagna Chandreshvapi Kendravarthi )


    The native born in N R Y becomes attains regal status and will be righteous ( Raja Bhaveth Dharmika Chakravarthi ).  


    Raja Yogas are regal Yogas formed when some powerful planets become angular. 16 types of Raja Yogas are formed when Jupiter, Saturn become exalted, Moon is in own house and all are angular.



    According to the  classical texts  the person  becomes a king  extolled  by the good ( Artha Dharma Sukhabhak ), will eat  pure  food & will  be of righteous disposition. Jupiter is  the  planet  of  Religion & the person not  only  becomes  religious  but  revives true  Religion. ( Guru Dwija Bhakthiadhi Tad Yoga Phalam ). Wealth, righteousness, comforts, devotion  to preceptors, beautiful voice, fame and  liberality -  these  are some of the  characteristics of Hamsa Yoga. High  longevity is also conferred by this yoga. ( Hamsaja Sura Suraschiranjeevi ).






    The native will  be  well  liked  by  all, equivalent  to  a king  or  a minister  and  is tough- hearted.  This  yoga  is   excellent  for careers in  police and military. They  will  enjoy   all  the plea
    sures  of  life. On  the  negative  side  this  yoga  indicates  a voluptuary  inclined  to  play  the  role  of paramour towards the objects of  his  guilty love.  They  may  be  considered  wicked by many . They  will  be  famous & will be the  leaders of their family. Fame, wealth and glamour automatically flow to them. There will be love for mother and motherland ( Bhakhto Jananyam ). They will be
    able to know the guilts of other people.  



    The person born  under this yoga lives  upto  70 years  and enjoys
    all  the comforts of life. Fame  and  reputation are  natural to a Malavyan.Will be  very  attractive  to the opposite  sex. As Venus represents the libido of the Cosmic  Man, all  sorts  of gratification will  be  enjoyed  by them.  Their  attractiveness,  ability and personal  magnetism  will  be   the   envy  of many.  Venus is the
    planet of Love and they will be very successful in this field.



    The person born  under  this  yoga   becomes  a scholar  and  with good  longevity.   Mercury  represents  academic    education  and educational  attainments  of  no  mean  order   will  be bequethed by  this  yoga.  Learning, knowledge  excellence  in  all arts and sciences  will be  bestowed.  Fame  and  reputation  automatically develop.  People  will  come  in  search  of  them   from  foreign lands. Their  personal  magnetism  and  charisma  will  be a source of attraction for people. Scientific skill, oratorial prowess, artistic skill mark this great Yoga. ( Vagmee Padu ).



    People  born  under  this   yoga   become   famous  &   become good   generals  and   military  officers.   Military  and  police efficiency  develops.   Wealth, fame  and  reputation   are   the hallmarks  of  this  yoga.  Fame  develops  to  all  parts  of the globe .   Works  for  the  benefit  of  others.  People  come from
    far   away  lands  in  search  of  them  due  to  their  wisdom  and  pragmatism.  Knowledge  &  wisdom  come  to  them  automatically. Enemies get defeated as a result.




    Nipuna  Yoga is   formed   when  Mercury  and  Sun  are  together.
    High skill, intelligence  and  fame   are   some  of  the  characteristics of this  yoga which is also  called  Budha_Adithya  Yoga.



    Angular Jupiter, angular  to  the  Moon confers  Gaja  Kesari  Yoga. " Sahasra   Masecha  Jeevitham "  meaning   that  they   will   live upto 1000 lunar months. Minimum longevity 70 / 80 years. Will have tremendous  oratorial  capacity  which  can  move  audiences  as a monarch  sways  his  dominions.  They will  be  the leader of their
    place, reputed and famous. Uninterrupted influx of income.



    Adhi  Yoga  results   when  the  lunar 6th,  7th and  8th  positions are  occupied   by   major  planets. The  result  of  this yoga is wealth  and  fame.  They   will   be the  leaders  wherever  they are placed. They will be above  want.




    When   the  solar  2nd  is   tenanted  by  major planets, Vesi Yoga results. Fame  health   and   wealth  will  be conferred  by  this yoga. Financial  stability  can  be  expected. They  will  be known as orators.



    Vasi  yoga  results  when   the  solar 12th  is tenanted  by major planets. Financial  stability,  health  and fame  are  indicated. They will be known as pious people amidst their circle.



    When   the  solar   12th  &   2nd  houses  are tenanted  by  major
    planets,  Ubhayachari   results.  They   will   be    knowledgeable, strong   with   handsome   features,    will  have  good  relatives, of regal status,  very  enthusiastic,   with oratorial prowess & famous.

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