• In a pragmatic or a business world, people are more bothered about material benefits than Self_Actualistion. No one can be blamed for this because business or making money is a Social Security Need ( as per Abraham Maslow's Need Hierarchy Scale ). Higher than the social security need is the Self Actualisation need. But most of the people are on the Social Security need level and use all their energies to survive econmically in a competitive world.

    We have  come out with the concept of the Wealth Ascendant or Dhana Lagna.


    Different Ray Numbers have been assigned to the Seven Revolving Heavens. They are

    Sun = 30    Mars  = 6    Jupiter = 10  Moon = 16  Mercury = 8 Venus = 12 & Saturn = 1

    Wealth Ascendant or Dhana Lagna can be calculated by the formula

    Dhana Number = Modulus of ((Ray No of the 9th lord from Moon + Ray No of the 9th lord from Ascendant )/12)

    D L ( Dhana Lagna - Wealth Ascendant ) = Moon Sign + Dhana Number

    The Houses of Wealth are 2,9,.10 & 11. The Second House rules Wealth, the 11th Gains, the Ninth Fortune and the 5th ( called Lakshmi Sthana ) is important as it is the Ninth from the Ninth. If the lords of  these houses combine by association ( they should be within 12 degress ), aspect or mutual interchange, it can make the native a millionaire. ( Sa Bandha trayaga balena sahitha lakshadhipam kurvathe). This Wealth Ascendant or Dhana Lagna is a unique concept in Astrology Vedic.

    If the D L  is devoid of malefics, it will make the native a millionaire. (Shobhana Khage Lakshadhipam Kurvathe ). If a malefic tenant D L, it will make the native a lakhier. If the malefic be exalted, a millionaire is born. ( Khalagage Thungepi Kodeeswaram ).




    Vipareetha Raja Yogas can also create millionaires. In the horoscope of R Dalmia of Dalmia Cements, the 8th lord Jupiter in the 12th, well posited in Aries and Venus in the 11th, exalted generated a formidable yoga for wealth. In the horoscope of D Ambani, Jupiter was in the 10th, Saturn in the 2nd, the House of Wealth and Venus in the 12th ( another Dhana Yoga ). Henry Ford had Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the 11th, the House of Gains. He benefited immensely from the Dasas of Jupiter Venus and Saturn.

    Wealth Percentage

    In order to calculate the Wealth Percentage, ascertain the Shad Balas of the four lords ( lords of 2, 9, 5 & 11 ) and divide it by 4. Then multiply the result with 100 and divide it by 600.

    Wealth Percentage = ( Shad Balas of the Four Lords / 4 ) *100/600

    If the Wealth Percentage is well above 50%, the native has potential. If above 75% , well the chances are excellent.

    Another Wealth Yoga is Neechabhanga Raja Yoga. One of the best examples of N R Y is the horoscope of Hyder Ali, the father of Tippu Sultan. Libra rising, with Moon debilitated in Scorpio but with powerful Mars ( who cancels the debilitation ). From obscurity Hyder Ali rose to the level of an emperor. He became one of the greatest conquerors of all time, in fact greater than Napolean !

    Here is an example of  D L based horoscope

    Asc - Cancer; Ketu in the 3rd; Mars in the 4th;Mercury,Jupiter,Sun in the 6th;Venus in the 7th;Moon in the 8th;Rahu in the 10th and Saturn in the 12th. D L is Gemini.

    Here the 9th lord is Jupiter

    9th lord from Luna is Mercury

    Modulus of ( Ray nos 10 + 8 )/12  = 6

    From Moon Sign + 6 = D L = Gemini Ascendant

    There is no malefic planet in D L. Nor any malefic aspect. No benefic planet either in D L.  But a benefic is aspecting D L. The native became a multimillionaire.One should be very careful while assessing wealth.

    If the 2nd House be exalted, the native rises high. The same is trueif the 11th House is exalted. An exalted Ninth House & an exalted 5thHouse also can confer fortune. One should also be careful while predicting these lords of 2 ,5,9 & 11 should not combine with 6,8,12 lords and should not be aspected by them either.