Hindu Astrology Lesson 51

Horary Chart for Marriage  and the Computation of Yama Shukra

When it comes to a query regarding Marriage, Vivaha Prasna,  the astro scholar has to depend on Venus and his satellite, Yamashukra.

Find out the longitudes of Venus and Yamashukra. Find out their positions
from Aroodha and Udaya.

If Venus tenants the 6,8,12 positions from Aroodha, marriage may be delayed.

If Yamashukra tenants the 6,8,12 positions from Aroodha, delayed will be marriage.

If Venus tenants the 6,8,12 from Yamashukra, marriage will be delayed. 

IF the Tenth lord from Yamashukra  tenants the 6,8,12 from Aroodha, marriage may be delayed.

If Yamasukra is in adverse 6 8 12
Delayed will be the wedding bells!
Or Dasamesa from Venus' beloved son
Or Venus himself in 6 8 12 from son!

The Computation of Veli Sphuta, Nuptial Longitude

The longitudes of Asc Venus Yamasukra
Is Veli Sphutam called, O learned One!
If V S is connected by malefics supreme!
Difficult be  post  marital happiness !

(Malefics  supreme here denotes Rahu -  Ketu -
Gulika. Connection = either aspect/association)

Veli Sphuta = Long Venus + Long Ascendant + Long Yamashukra

Compute Veli Sphuta. If malefics vitiate the Sign of Veli  Sphuta, post
marital life may not be happy.

If malefics tenant the Veli Sphuta Rasi, happiness will become a difficult

If 3 malefics tenant the 7th and 8th from Ascendant and if one of them is
debilitated, post marital happiness will be difficult to enjoy.

If Moon tenants the 6th or 8th and if Mars tenants the 6 or 8 from Moon, the
husband will die.

If Moon tenants the 6th or 8th from the Horary Ascendant, afflicted by
malefics, the couple may die within 8 years.



If a malefic is aspected by another malefic, and if he be debilitated or in
inimical houses, and that Sign becomes the Ascendant, the woman may become a

If Moon and Mars tenant the Ascendant or the 7th House, the husband may die
in the 7th month.

If the Moon and Ascendant have got benefic association or aspected by benefics, the couple will have good longevity.

If Mars tenant the houses and navamsas of Venus and if Venus tenants the navamsas and houses of Mars, that woman's chastity may be doubtful. The combination of Venus and Mars are not considered good for chastity.

If malefics tenant the House of Progeny, the Fifth House, wife may not
deliver or the children delivered by her may die.

If malefis tenant the House of Marriage, the Seventh House and if that House
receives the aspect of malefics, wife may be abandoned by the husband.

Great care should be exercised while prognosticating Marriage. Venus and his
satellite plays a major role. Also the Seventh House, the House of Marriage