This science of the Heavens was called by the Germans as Cosmo-Biology. To them, Cosmo-Biology was the calculus of cosmic interrelatedness. It simply means the celestial influences on terrestrial affairs as per the principle " As Above, so below ".

The role of Mercury in Horoscopy

Academic knowledge and degrees are the prerogative of Mercury.
Books, publishing, knowledge, mathematics, sculpture & arts all come
under his domain. If he be exalted in one's horoscope, the native will
become a great scholar. ( Example horoscope is that of Augustus
Caesar who had exalted Mercury in Virgo ).

Mercurial Effects in the 12 Houses

Mercury in the Ascendant

Mercury in the Ascendant makes one a scholar.Will be intelligent
and clever. Will be a master of arts. Will have good oratorial
prowess and can captivate people with speech. This position of
Mercury confers high longevity.

Mercury in the Second House

In the second Mercury makes one wealthy and humble. Will be
versatile and will posess the divine gift of articulate speech. Will
have poetic faculties and will have wealth acquired through legal

Mercury in the Third House



Mercury in the 3rd makes one have medium longevity & virility.
Will have to undergo many a suffering. Will be a traveller and will
be ready to do any vile act. Will be a sorcerer and will enjoy
sensual life to the brim.

Mercury in the Fourth House

Mercury tenancy of the fourth makes one a scholar in Mathematics and Astrology. Relatives may be hostile. Will speak gently and will be wealthy. Will be he owner of landed properties & conveyances. Fame will grace you in no uncertain measure.

Mercury in the Fifth House

Will be famous and will be a master of the occult. Will have a lot of sons, education, wealth, comforts,  intelligence & contentment. Will be famous because of your altruistic deeds.

Mercury in the Sixth House

Mercury in the sixth makes you the vanquisher of enemies in the 
battlefield. Will be interested in war and quarrels. Will be angerprone. Will talk sternly and will be lazy.

Mercury in the Seventh House

Will be a lover of education, will be learned and handsome. Will have a spouse who is quarrelsome. Will have expertise in the esoteric arts. Will be respected for certain philosophic qualities.

Mercury in the Eighth House

This benign position of Mercury makes one famous. Has a job
with punitive powers.Will have a regal status. Will be a commander and will be the leader of one's community. Will be versatile with wealth and comforts. Will be regal in bearing and respected by many. Benefics in the house of longevity increase longevity.

Mercury in the Ninth House

Mercury in Ninth makes one interested in the esoteric arts.
Wealth, versatility, righteousness,ethics,skill - all will be yours. Will be liberal and endowed with the gift of the gab.Will have
fortune via father and with good partner and children.

Mercury in the Tenth House

This benign position of Mercury makes one scholarly, famous,
and will have tremendous will power. Will have wealth & all sorts
of comforts. The dominance of Mercury on the Meridien makes
one a thorough professioanl endowed with professional expertise
and reputation.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

Will be very intelligent. Will be scholarly as Mercury represents
academic learning. Will have high longevity. Will have all sorts of
enjoyments of the senses.Will have a lot of subordinates and lots
of wealth as the 11th is the house of Gains.

Mercury in the Twelfth House

Will be lazy and as a result there may be a lack of wealth.Will meet
with many a failure. Will speak good words but will be devoid of
luck in general. Even though this position of Mercury is slightly adverse,
it is good from the perspective of Education. You will be blessed with
all the benefits that accrue from Education, learning & Wisdom.

Correspondence between Astrology, Gemology & Numerology

Furthur data reveals the correspondence between the Five Great Elements, planets, gemstones, Cosmic Colors & objects of sense.

Elt       Planet     Gem        Color     

Ether  Jupiter  Yellow Sapphire  Light Blue  Sound  3
Air  Saturn  Blue Sapphire  Violet Touch 8
Fire  Mars  Coral  Yellow  Vision  9
Water  Venus  Diamond  Indigo Taste 6
Earth  Mercury  Emerald Green Smell 5

Another school of Numerology existed which was based on the Vital
Number. This Vital Number was represented by a key Planet and
this planet was the planet of Destiny.

Astrology, Yoga & Pranic Healing

Yoga was defined by Aurobindo as a methodic process towards self-perfection through a development of the latent potential at the
five levels of Being - physical, vital, mental, intellectual & spiritual.
Astrology by studying the heavenly archetype can show how this
latent potential of the human being can be unfolded. Jupiter &
Mercury rules over intellectual development, Moon mental,
Mars physical, Venus vital & Saturn spiritual.

The basic principle of Pranic Healing is healing through the Universal Life-Force Energy known as the Cosmic Prana. Knowledge of the psychosomatic machine,regulation of food, sleep & exercise making the physical sheath healthy & removing
all mental blocks and opening all channels to the Cosmic Prana
are some of the major seven steps in Pranic Therapy.

The Seven Stages of Pranic Healing

1. Knowledge of the Psychosomatic Machine
2. Regulation of Sleep, food & Exercise
3. Relaxation
4. Attunement to Biorythms ( Circadian Rhythms, Solar & Lunar Rhythms )
5. Removing mental blocks ( Difficult due to Repression )
6. Overcoming Prajnaparadha ( Fault of Awareness due to misuse of our
cognitive & conative functions)
7. Opening the system to the Cosmic Prana ( Opening all channels to the
Divine Shakti )

Astrology can give knowledge of the psychophysical mechanism as the 12
limbs of the human body corresponds to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Here is the correspondence between the 12 limbs of the human body and the
12 signs of the Zodiac

Ist House  Head
2nd House  Face
3rd House  Neck
4th House Heart
5th House  Place beneath the heart
6th House  Stomach
7th House  Genitals
8th House  Upper thigh
9th House  Lower thigh
10th House  Knee
11th House  Calf
12th House  Feet

By knowing the horoscope, the aetiology of the disease can be known
and the disease can be treated ( by Holistic Medicine ) so that the body
is disease free and fit to become an instrument of Absolute Truth.