The Zodiacal Sign of Libra comprises of the last two lunar mansions of Alpha Virginis ( Chitra ) , four quarters of Alpha Bootis ( Swathi )  and the first three quarters of Beta Librae ( Vishakha ). 

For Libra Moon Signs


Venus  in the  Tenth   can give  quarrels with near and dear ones.  

Sun in the  Tenth can  give professional enhancement. 

Jupiter is  negative  in the  First  and  can devastate the purse.  

Saturn is  positive in the 3rd and gives  professional rise. 


Ups and downs mark the financial sector. You have to conquer all with patience & perseverance.   


Battling the barriers to success is not easy. Problems crop up in the financial sector. Conquer them with resilience.  



Ekagrata can be had from Prayer. 


Rahu's Transit