Horoscope of Narendra Modi, 



With Mars powerfully posited in Scorpio, we have the true leader. Neechabhanga Raja and Ruchaka Maha Yoga are conferred and we have the true statesman who wants to do good for India. Jupiter is powerfully posited in Aquarius. 

He is born in Anuradha and hence is undergoing the Sade Sati period. It is to be noted that he is running the Dasa of the Bhagyadhipa, Jupiter, which can catapult him to high heights !
In Amsa, Jupiter is powerfully posited in Scorpio. Mercury is exalted in the 11th with powerful Sun.

Modi ji is born in three major Yogas, Sasi Mangala Yoga, Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga and Ruchaka Maha Yoga. Jupiter is powerful in the 4th. Mercury is exalted in the 11th. Sun and Ketu are in the 11th. Jupiter aspects Venus and Saturn !

Both Modi and Rahul are born in the Moon Sign of Scorpio or Vrischika. Both are having adverse transits of Jupiter and Saturn. Elarata Saturn and Eighth Jupiter !

Ascendant- Scorpio, Moon, Mars in Scorpio.Jupiter and Gulika in Aquarius. Fahu in Pisces. Venus, Saturn in Leo. Sun, Mercury, Ketu in Virgo.

Place of Birth - Mehsana, Gujarat , Date of Birth - 17091950,  Time of Birth - 1100 AM, Longitude --072 E 24, Latitude - 23 N 36