Monthly Forecast  based on Moon Sign For Feb 2020  in Eternal, Hindu Astrology 


The Transits of all planets are important, particularly that of  Jupiter and Saturn. The Transits of both these planets can make you or break  you in Eternal Hindu Astrology.  Their Transits through Houses  8, 1, 12 et al  can bring devastation ! Not horoscopes for the day, but horoscopes for the month !      

How Saturn's Transit of Sagittarius Will Affect You? 

Moon Sign - Is the Zodiacal Sign where your Moon is posited in your sidereal horoscope in Astrology Hindu.

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How Astro Knowledge saved a Keralite

Panchami, the Fifth Lunation, Moon in between 4*12 and 5*12 degrees from the Sun, fell on Aug 15th and Antony knew from traditional astro knowledge that the Ocean will not receive water during Shashti, Saptami & Ashtami, the Veliyettam Days ( high tide, uptide, when the Moon's elongation is in between 60 to 96 degrees ). New Moon, Moon's elongation at 0 degrees, had occurred on 11 Aug.  Shashti, Saptami & Ashtami fell on 16th, 17th & 18th.

He hid his TV, Fridge and all papers upstairs. 

Veliyettam, Jala Oordhwa, high tides occur at Conjunction, Amavasi & Opposition, Pournami.

Veliyerakkam, Thoyakshaya, low tides occur when the Moon is at 90 degrees from Sun.


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