Data Entry for Zodiac Matrimonial Database


Our matrimonial Data Bank has more than 22000 registrations and has been responsible for many marriages.  It  is  easy  for  parents  to  identify  potential  brides/bridegrooms  from  our   massive Database.  We  have  given  more  than 1000  datas  online, so that parents can select partners for their children at will. Ours is more or less a FREE  service, as we do not  charge  any Registration Fees ! 

If you register Free, we will send you compatible horoscopes, both offline and online. You can send the  candidate's  scanned   photo to use via email.  We   have lots of professionals registered in our Database.  


We  will upload  the  candidate's Bio & Horo in our    White Pages FREE of charge. ( It costs only Rs 400 to advertise on our Yellow Pages ). We are astrologers and software developers and this we are doing only as a service.  

This is our E-form. Please fill and submit the following form for including your details in our Databank.


We dont charge any commission and so it is not expensive for you !



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Date of birth
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Family Details of the Candidate

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Working Retired Deceased
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Requirement for your life partner

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Whether you consider handicapped person
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Horoscope Details of Candidate

Birth Star
Gothram (in case of Brahmin)
Graha Sistha Dasa