The Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio comprises of the last lunar mansion of Beta Librae (Vishakha) , the four quarters of Delta Scorpi ( Anuradha)  & four quarters of Alpha Scorpi ( Jyeshta ). 


    For Scorpio Moon Signs  

    Venus in the  12th  can  give  professional rise. 

    Sun in the  2nd can affect wealth.  

    Saturn  in the Second   is negative and indicates many sorrows and physical discomforts.  

    Jupiter in the  Twelfth is negative and indicates assaults on the Ego.    



    Enjoy the wind and the Sun and health will be yours.


    Vicissitudes are part of life. 


    Eschew new relationships.


    Ekagrataaaaaaa can be had from TM.


    Rahu's Transit 


    This is the time to take calculated risks. The envious rivals may attack you with vicious propaganda. Rahu can take away your mental peace and the Rahu Mantra - Om Rahave Namah - can be chanted to get the maximum benefits of the 9th Rahu Transit. 

    Be careful about relationship with neighbors. There will be a lack of self confidence. On the positive side, you become more spiritual. Journeys will be undertaken and you will get profit from investment and speculation. 


    Chandrashtama - The Black Hole of Natal Astrology


    When Transit Moon transits the 8th from Radical Moon, Chandrashtama is caused ( Janma Rasyashtame Prapthe Chandre Chandrashtamam Smritham ). You should avoid major decisions during this period as Luna's 8th transit is considered malefic ( Anishtan ) in Hindu Astrology.   

    Anything of the flesh will be affected during this phase of Ashtama Indu. Tension grips your mind.  You become subject to Melancholia. Mental tension, physical discomfort, delays in undertakings and travel, misplaced documents, sporadic clashes with partner - all these mark your pitiable state. During this 2 1/4 days, you are advised to pray and meditate as to quieten the mind and seek solace in the Eternal. As the luminary representing the Mind, the Moon, traverses through the dreaded Eighth House, mental peace makes a strategic retreat. 

    Be careful about these days - 20 Jan   to  21 Jan,  Ashtamendum cha Tad Rasim Varjayeth Sarva Karmasu